Saturday, 4 February 2012

Match Preview

Hello my fellow Chelsea F.C. fans,

Before I start my first match preview, I would like to acknowledge Ayyam for composing a site like this. It keeps everything more organized, and with effort, this blog might become notified. -Kudos to you Ayyam

On to business now.

Chelsea face a daunting challenge on Sunday, we face a second placed Manchester United. Although this match is crucial (not only for our Champions League place, but our reputation on the line), we can actually afford to lose this match and still be in fourth position (not comfortably, but in fourth position). Newcastle, if they win their match this weekend against an on-and-off formed Aston Villa; will be level on points, unless Newcastle pull out a 12-0 victory. I'm 100% sure, we will still be fourth at the end of this weekend.

Team news:

Manchester United: Vidic (Injured), Jones (Doubtful), Anderson (Doubtful), Lindegaard (injured), Fletcher (Virus infected, out)  David the amazing blindfolded keeper De Gea fit to play along with some small additions of, Rooney, Nani, Ashley Young, and Tom Cleverly, no biggie.

Chelsea: Terry out injured (knee), Ramires (knee) (Our most influential players were playing good, then they took an "arrow to the knee" get it?) Mikel (Hamstring), Frank Lampard (a maybe)

Manchester United are looking for their 5th consecutive Premier League victory in 2012 and are on some form. Scoring 10 goals in 4 games and conceding only 1 (Prem stats). The match on Sunday will be an extremely tough encounter. Their last game, they brushed off a lack luster Stoke City, racking up a 2-0 victory. In this game Manchester United sent out their Calvary in a 4-4-2/4-4-1-1 ish formation.

As we all know, Stoke, when threatened, like to defend deep. Which would leave space in Manchester United's midfield. Now, Scholes and Carrick aren't stupid. They took advantage of the loads of space they had in the middle and were allowed to dictate the game like if Hitler and Castro had twins, who didn't really look alike, but were still twins and played football...You get what I mean.

From this, Andre Villas Boas would need to send out a team full of energy, to constantly put pressure on Scholes and Carrick. Ramires is out Injured, and I don't think Romeu has enough stamina or speed to keep up (feel free to disagree). So my midfield selection would be Essein and Meireles. I'll explain my formation later.

Looking at this, many of you will say "Bench Meireles, he's been playing crap since we played QPR and is still playing crap, derp derp derp derp derp"

That's how I picture you when you make accusations like this.

Actually, Mr Mohawk has been quite instrumental to our Chelsea side. He's there to dictate the game, spread the balls to the wings, and to break up any sort of play in the midfield. He has skill, speed, an eye for goals, and stamina. Essein, his Ghanaian counterpart.

We got a glimpse of them both in the Swansea game for 25 minutes, and for that short amount of time, Mr. Mohawk significantly improved with his passing, and movement. Essein gave adequate coverage so that Raul could venture forward.

Before I stray away from my point I would like to point out the formation I would like to play against Manchester  United. Once again, feel free to disagree. It's a discussion.

I want us to line up in a 4-2-3-1 formation.

(Isn't it purdy? I did it by myself :) )

Reasons to choose this formation and the selection of players?

  • Anytime we send out a 4-3-3, we eventually switch to a 4-2-3-1 and we play better. Did that against Manchester United in the first fixture, and we played better. 
  • This allows Mata to be where he's most influential, behind the striker, Torres. 
  • I chose Malouda over Lampard because, if Lampard was chosen, that would mean Mata would have to go to the left, and I don't like that. Malouda can still deliver something (I hope). 
Subs: Hilario, Bosingwa, Hutchinson, Lukaku, Lampard, Piazon, Ferreria 

Lampard and Lukaku can enter the fray if things get sticky. 

That's about it with my first post. It's pretty much my opinion, so there's going to be a clash of heads. In your comment please rate this post and give some feedback if possible. That would be nice..

I'll leave you with some pointers: 

• Chelsea have lost as many times in their last seven league games at Stamford Bridge as they had in their previous 53 there (three)
• Manchester United have the best away record in the Premier League, accruing 26 points so far and conceding fewer goals than any other team on the road (seven)
• Should he secure a brace in this match, Frank Lampard will reach 150 Premier League goals
• Wayne Rooney has scored four goals in his last seven top-flight games against Chelsea and also scored in his last two visits to the club
Chelsea have not lost to Manchester United at Stamford Bridge in their last 9 meetings. Let's make it 10. 
Thanks for reading everyone.
Peace, love and respect.

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