Sunday, 19 February 2012

C'mon son

I would like to address some points that have been irking me with Chelsea footytubers. 

We seem to be forgetting the essence of patience. I know I might have been frustrated at times, but that's just me in the heat of the moment. When I do gain composure, I realize I need to be patient. Chanting for AvB's head, Torres' head, our midfielders' head isn't going to do anything but introduce negativity to the game. 


Instead of boo-ing, bashing; chant "you can do it" "Chin up!"

Another point I'd like to address, Jose Mourinho.

Please let's stop with this. This isn't being proactive at all..Just stop it for many reasons. Stop..

It's a period of change we're going through. A new manager that seems to be staying for a while, and so what if we don't get instant success? Isn't there more to football than instant success? 

Just keep the faith, make criticisms, but don't be excruciatingly harsh with them. 

AvB is doing what he can. Patience is a virtue.

Thanks for reading, 
peace, love and respect...

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Loans: Boon or Bane?

It doesn't take a lot of acumen to understand that over the years, the transfer market hasn't been Chelsea's forte. Taking a glance at the first team now and comparing it to that of last year (let alone years gone by) enforces this viewpoint.

In the Mourinho era, we had a more than able back-up for almost all positions on the field. Multi-position men in Geremi and Gallas. Speedy wingers in SWP, Duff and Robben. Full-backs in Ferreira and Cole and Bridge. We also had a world class keeper in Cudicini a back-up to Cech. Yes, they all might have come and gone at different times, but I don't think the situation was as dire as not having back-ups for people struggling for form.

Just take the case of transfer windows from recent years. We sold the only real back-up for a Malouda-like player in Zhirkov, and didn't get a like-for-like player in. I'm not saying we need another Malouda, but one should remember how good Malouda was the year we won the double, and the first half of last season. No Manager could've gauged the alarming drop of performance that he has shown. Joe Cole left and we got in Yossi. Like-for-like, but where is he now? When we are searching for 'creative-sparks', we have loaned him out.

The story of the loan doesn't end there. Through loan spells, we've lost two players with enormous potential in Sinclair and Borini. Anyone who doesn't rate Sinclair, needs to take a good look at the Chelsea squad and tell me he is inferior to anyone on the roster. Last season, when the team was struggling to keep its place in the top four, we had another loanee banging in goals for fun at Bolton. Sure, we're reaping those rewards, but why wasn't such a design put in place for other players with immense talent?
This season, another first-team hopeful in McEachran left for a loan-spell, hopefully, to come back. The Van Aanholts and the Brumas and the Kakutas, and the list just goes on and on.

The club's managerial policy hasn't helped anyone, has it? A talented bloke who may have been bought under Mourinho (though not by Mourinho), would have had to have been nurtured by the Mourinho staff. Then Jose moves on, and then the little kid gets disillusioned by the new guy who comes in. Isn't it a very possible scenario? There's no point in bringing in youth if the perceived solution to everything is sacking the guy who is supposed to nurture him, and gradually involve the kid in his plans.

There is so much to gain from a well chalked out loan program for developing talent, with subsequent reward for performance. We've lost talent due to hopelessness. That never bodes well for an organization. At the risk of stating the obvious, I believe there are serious lessons to be learnt here. I hope the people in charge do not make the Sinclair and Borini goof-ups again.

This guy was once a Chelsea player. True Story. Now he is one of the premier league's decent wingers. 

By Liquidator via Ayyam

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Identity Crisis

  I am so sick of this. Look, I have defended AVB as best I can since his arrival. Now though, I am finally sick of this. I hate the team we have become and are becoming. It's disgusting. As I mentioned below, we are looking like a bunch of Barcelona wannabees, and let's face it, ticki-taka football simply isn't our style. Chelsea is known for playing an attractive brand of football (at least before Mourinho, but I'll get back to that) with a bit of "swag" about it that reflects the popular Kings Road image; that variety of attractive, possession based football is not ours, and has never been ours. The Chelsea I fell in love with, as was the one most of you surely did, was the one which was the most dangerous team in the world on the counter. The one that put 3 players into the opposition penalty area when the ball was played out wide and seemed to score a header every week from open play. The one that would see players like Zola and Gudjonson break past the defense and dink the ball over the keeper, and Hasselbank and Tore Andre Flo muscle past defenders to win headers and power shots into the net from 10 yards out. That same team that had the vision of Wise and poyet and petit in midfield. Then Mourinho came in, and perfected this. The likes of Drogba, Gudjonsen and Lampard each provided those same attributes as the players already mentioned, and our defense was made into what was arguably most formidable ever. Any time a team had to visit the bridge, they knew that they would get no more than a point from that match, and only if they were lucky as can be.

   That's right, I fell in love with the counter-attacking play of old, and was further put into awe by the adaptation of this style brought by Mourinho. Yes, I miss the Boring Chelsea. Every team has a style particular to them. Can that change over time, yes. The question is, do we really want a change? Do we want to be known as the Barca copycats? Personally, I don't. I like the identity Chelsea has had for the past 50 years, and I wish more than anything that no one had ever begun to try and give up that identity for the sake of looking like the over-glorified Catalans. I am proud of my club, and for god's sake, I am proud of the style that this club has become known for, and I don't ever want to lose that.

Have a look at these videos, and tell me the football we used to play wasn't what we all love.

  In those videos, do notice that of the 15 or so goals shown, almost ten were scored in less than 15 seconds after we moved the ball past the field's center line.  Can you even imagine seeing us do that now?  Do you even remember the last time we had a player clean through on goal?  I can't.  Hell, I can barely remember the last time we scored a header from open play.  Half hour goals this season have been pure luck from efforts by players like Mata who simply tried a shot he probably shouldn't have because chances weren't coming from anywhere else.

   I don't necessarily want AVB to go; I want continuity.  But let's face it, the style he is going for, just won't work for this club, and really, can it succeed in this league? I don't believe it can.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Match Preview - Everton vs Chelsea

Salutations Chelseamen.

Sorry I'm a bit late with the Preview, I've been under the weather.

So I'm too sick to do a match preview...

All I can give you is a link to the best preview you could read.

Good luck for tomorrow and KTBFFH..

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Chelsea Compilation makers to watch out for : 12super1

On this edition of my "Compilation Makers to Watch" I have a rather unexpected YouTube User. He is actually a regular on our beloved site, and rakes in a load of views per videos, give it up for 12Super1 also known as on footytube. Sham.

Sham is a regular poster on the Chelsea Chat and is an admin on this site as well. He always delivers quality links, and today I will be delivering some of his quality videos.

12Super1 uses in his video techno music, coupled with some of the key passes the player which his compilation is based on, completes, and goals, and much more.

His videos usually consists of Chelsea prospects in some key matches they play, whether it be for the reserves, the first team, or on international duty.

So sit back and watch some of my personal favorites. 

One of the first Piazon vids out, and boy was it great, raked in loads of views as well. Must watch.

He has made loads of Romeu videos, The first one is against Fulham, and the second one is from his Barca days. Both are also one of the first of their kind.

My Final video for you wonderful readers, is one of Davilla. Talked about alot but not seen much prior to moving to Chelsea. (Hmm, Like alot of 12super1's videos)

So there you have it, 12super1 and his YouTube videos, he has tonnes more. Check them him out here.


(If there is anyone you want me to review, or even if its yourself, let me know in the comments, or on my footytube profile.)

NEWS: Chelsea sign 15-year-old central defender Andreas Christensen from Brondby

Chelsea have signed 15 year old Andreas Christensen from Brondby on a free. The boy already has a U17 Denmark app.

Christensen told Ekstra Bladet: "I have chosen Chelsea because they play the kind of football I like.
"At the same time, they have the best plan for my future in football."

 This adds Andreas to a list of already talented centerbacks we have in our academy and reserves. Probably the best problem we have right now.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

5 Reasons why the Daniel Sturridge to Arsenal Rumor are pathetic

Why He Won't:

1. He would cost more than Arsenal have ever paid for a footballer

2. Sturridge will probably ask for as much as their top-earners. Basically destroying their wage structure.

3. If he was to play his natural position , He would never get any play time as RVP is in the way.

4. If he was to be bought for winger position, It would not be in Danny's best interest, as he claims to be wanting the No.9 role. There is a shorter waiting list for Studge to the main man up front over here.

5. We are not stupid to sell to a rival

-McEachran (FootyTube User) - Edited by Ayyam.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Special Request

Hello footytubers,

It is 5:32 in the morning and I can't sleep. My wisdom tooth has me tossing and turning in my bed, and I'm positive I will have a crap day at classes later. Nevertheless, I love you guys, and I love football. This blog-post is a special request via- Ayyam, who wanted me to bring up what's been bugging me for the past 3 years. John Obi Mikel.

Mikel John Obi, was born in...........Lol! This sounds way too much like an introduction to an essay. I'm just going to get to the point.

Long before Nigerian sensation, Austin Okocha (or better known as Jay Jay's) departure, Nigeria were already looking for a upcoming worthy successor who could fill the void of J.J. Then their prayers were answered as Mikel came into the scene. After a display at the 2003 Fifa Under 17 World Cup final in Finland, many Nigerians were saying, "we have found the new J.J."

Mikel played for the Fifa World Youth Championships when he was 18. Nigeria had a splendid youth team. Mikel played at the top of his game, he played so good, he led Nigeria to the finals where they lost to Argentina 2-1.

The little tike...

That's him, at the age of 18...Anything look strange on Mikel? I'll give you time....

You see the number on his jersey? It's number 10...You know what that means right?


Which brings me to my point, in that youth competition, Mikel was ranked second best player of that competition, only behind...Guess who?

Funny comparing him to Mikel now right? 

If you guessed Messi, you were right and I'm sending a hi-5 over your direction.

His performance at just the age of 17, looks like a different Mikel doesn't it? 

 This performance sparked interest from many clubs, including Chelsea and Manchester United. Later on in the year, when Mikel turned 18, Chelsea cheekily stole the prolific PLAYMAKER from Manchester United on deadline day. Making Sir Alex redder than his home jersey.

Mikel joined Chelsea in the midst of our success under the "Special One"'s reign. What would have been the signing of the decade, became the decline of the decade in my opinion. Jose, as stubborn as he is, insisted that he would rather play Mikel in front the back 4, changing him from an attacking midfielder to a defensive midfielder. His new role effectively stifled Mikel's attacking instincts.

Mikel never did improve under Jose Mourinho. After his sacking the same pattern continued with Mr. Grant, Mr. Scolari, Mr. Hiddink, and Mr. Ancelotti. This is where Mikel is somewhat at fault (can't blame Jose for messing up his career totally). Mikel failed to use his initiative with the change in managers to let them know of his original playing style. He seemed content where he was told to play. Nowadays, his game has become so predictable, he's become second rate at Chelsea.

He has failed to make an impact on the current Nigerian team who is under new management. Rumors are they have given up on Mikel in attacking midfield and are looking for someone else. Former Nigerian manager had this to say about Mikel:

"Mikel is not the same player that I knew in 2005 when we finished second behind Argentina in the U-20 World Cup. He has lost the creativity that catapulted him to the world stage six years ago. Don’t get me wrong here, I am not saying that he is no longer a good player. But what I am saying is that there is a need to see Mikel get to the goal area of the opponents and shoot more"

While Mikel does have some good games as CDM, the shadows of him possibly being as good as Messi still dawn on me. With a little guidance and belief, we could've had one of the best. Now that we are going through a new era at Chelsea (evidently) under AvB, Mikel has struggled to take a firm grasp on the first team shirt.

Mikel is 24 now, and still has many years ahead of him until he departs from football. It needs to start with Mikel and his need to achieve self-actualization. He needs to know what position is best for him, and how he should assert himself onto AvB. The next step to resurgence is for the managers to know what kind of potential they have in Mikel and try and remold him. He's still young and has a lot to learn.

Thanks for reading. 

Peace, love and respect


Monday, 6 February 2012

Can you spot whats wrong?

Ah, Surely this was AVB's fault? As I am a bandwagoner, and blame everything wrong at Chelsea on AVB.

Hint: Its not a player


A little bit of positiveness after the game.

Greetings fellow Blues.

Anyone else suffering from a 3-3 hangover? I sure am.

This post isn't about our dramatic encounter with 12 man Manchester United. This is a post about Ivory Coast and their blistering form, more specifically, Drogba's blistering form.

Ivory Coast saw off Equatorial Guinea 3-0 with a Drogba brace Drogba's- I mean Ivory Coasts domination of Equatorial Guinea.

Looking at this link, doesn't it remind you of the Drogba from 2009-2010? The same guy who scored 27 goals for Chelsea? The unstoppable force? The Drogba?! It sure does to me. I hope he and the whole of Ivory Coast win the ACON, so he can transit some of him form into Chelsea.

Did anyone think that at 3-1 up yesterday, a Drogba introduction to the field would surely have finished them off?

If your answer is yes, then we should probably be friends..

Let's keep hope in Drogs and his way to ACON glory.

Thanks for reading.

Peace, love and respect. 


Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Loan Report: January 31 – February 5

Kevin De Bruyne - He started for Rc Genk game against Anderlecht on Saturday where he had a quite game by his standards.

Thibaut Courtois - He continues to impress in 2012 as he recorded his  fifth consecutive clean sheet for Atletico Madrid in their 0-0 draw with Valencia on Sunday.

Gael Kakuta - He was an unused substitute for Dijon who went down 2-1 at home to Valenciennes on Saturday. 

Jeffrey Bruma - He was absent from Hamburg’s 1-1 draw with Bayern Munich  on Saturday after picking up a minor injury during training earlier in the week.

Josh McEachran - He was on the bench for Swansea City game against West Bromwich Albion on Saturday.

Patrick van Aanholt - He made his first start for Vitesse Arnhem game against NAC Breda on Saturday.

Tomas Kalas - He started for Vitesse Arnhem game against  NAC Breda on Saturday. He helped them record a clean sheet in a 1-0 victory.

Milan Lalkovic and Kenneth Omeruo - Neither of them was able to make their debuts for  ADO Den Haag this weekend because their game against AZ Alkmaar was postponed.

Ulises D├ívila - He has played 90 minutes of football  for Vitesse Arnhem game against Groningen on Monday night where they lost 4-0.

Rhys Taylor - He didn't play any football for Rotherham this weekend because their game against Torquay United was postponed.

Matej Delac - He was on the bench for Ceske Budejovice’s latest  friendly game against Red Bull Salzburg on Saturday where they lost  4-1 to them.


Chelsea vs Man Utd Player Ratings

Cech - A very nice display from the man in the helmet, Made two fine saves, just before the half, which kept us in the game. Unfortunate he didn't save either two penalties, But to be fair, They shouldn't have been penalties in the first place. 7.5

Bosingwa - Was supposed to get skinned alive today by Valencia, but actually put on one of his best defensive displays this season, And was decent going forward, The lad still needs to work on his crossing. 7.0

Cahill - A very decent debut. He kept Utd's offense quiet for most of the game, despite clipping Welbeck in the first 10 minutes of the game. Other wise he looked solid with Luiz. 7.0

Luiz - Unfortunately he will probably be remembered for not marking Hernandez, But that was his only mistake in a flawless game from him. Amazing going forward, and a rock in defense, His passion was undeniable as usual. Amazing game from the center back, despite the costly error. 8.0

Ivanovic - His usual rock solid self. Contained Giggs and Evra for the most part, Nothing special going forward, But when you have a team like United built on wing play, We need a defensive fullback first and foremost. 7.0

Meireles - Improved vastly from the Swansea game, Had a very balanced game, and worked amazingly well with Essien. Still, his set-pieces are still horrendous, and he should have put us up with a fantastic opportunity. None the less was good in controlling the midfield, with Essien. He lost it as the game went on, and with the introduction of Scholes. 6.5 (I have been giving out too many 7s :P)

Essien - This is Essien we have all been yearning for a year now. You couldn't tell this lad was layed-off for half a year, and this was his first start this season. He controlled the midfield like a bison from the beginning till the end. If he keeps this up, He will surely be a starter.  8.5

Sturridge - Was always a threat, But still needs to be less selfish. Was constantly marauding Evra the whole game. Had a decent game, But I have seen him, and he could do better, Especially if Drogba was there. (He seems to not like Torres). He should have also not complained after getting subbed off. 7.0.

Mata - Amazing as always. The most creative player by a mile. Putting in some deadly balls, and never stopped running. Surely, he is a contender for Player of the Season. 9.0

Malouda - Anonymous going forward, But average tracking back. I barely saw him, that said, I prefer this Malouda to what we saw against Swansea, and was considerably less selfish. 6.0

Torres - His usual self, High work ethic, was one of the most selfless players on the team, and got a few goal scoring oppurtunites. Unfortunately he still lacks the strikers confidence, and was to hesitant shots wise. The man needs to man up, and start taking shots, I understand where he is coming from, confidence wise. 7.0

So there you have it, My player ratings, Maybe too optimistic, and alot of 7.0s, But it is how I saw the game :)

- Ayyam

Chelsea v Man Utd to go ahead, despite snow

The Club's official twitter have announced the game against Manchester United will go ahead today, despite scares last night the snow will force the fixture to be rescheduled -

- Theo

Footytuber's Works - Ethio1989's Promo

As I stated in the intro for this blog, I will be posting works from several Chelsea footytubers. Whether it be posts, photo shopped pictures, or videos. If its half decent, It will end up here. 

The following is a promo for the Chelsea vs Man Utd game, to be shown on fox sports. Made by our own, Ethio1989. Its sweet and short.  Enjoy.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Heavy Snow forces a possible a postponement of Chelsea - Man Utd game.

London, and specifically the West, is experiencing heavy snow, which will most likely post-pone the game to a later date. In the mean time check out this webcam that Chelsea official website set up.

Stay tuned, as we will keep you updated.

From Ayyam


Willian transfer to Chelsea 'agreed for the summer'

Willian will leave Shakhtar Donetsk for Chelsea in the summer transfer window, according to sources in his native Brazil.
The Blues had a £16 million bid for the attacking midfielder rejected last month, but the Ukrainian club indicated they were willing to sell if they received an offer closer to the £29 million buyout clause in his contract.

Willian is keen to move to England (AFP/Getty Images)   
It now appears Chelsea returned with an improved package and that a deal is close to being agreed.
The information was leaked by Santos chairman Luis Alvaro, after the Brazilian club had their request to take the 23-year-old on loan rejected.
'We gave up because of a proposal that they received from Chelsea,' he told Jornal da Manha.

 'It was an offer of tens of millions of euros. It seems that he should go there in the middle of the year.'
Willian has signalled he is keen to join Chelsea, as he believes playing in one of Europe's major leagues would help him to clinch a place in the Brazil squad for the 2014 World Cup.
'There was talk about Barcelona and Arsenal before but now Chelsea are interested,' he said last month.
'If the next step of the adventure is England, then I would be excited by that.'


Chelsea Compilation makers to watch out for : Feroze17

Ah, YouTube. One of the internet's more successful ventures and with YouTube comes flash, and with flash comes football, and with flashy football comes compilation.

Football videos over the years have garnered millions views, Whether its Ronaldo constantly doing step overs, or a video where Liverpool fans already get ahead of them selves and welcome the player to Anfield.

Whatever it maybe it is a solid way to kill time or judge what a player can do when they're on form and focused (Emphasis on the last four words). This brings me to the introduction of a new, and hopefully regular segment on our blog. In this segment, I review, and recommend certain compilation makers on YouTube, and share with you some of his/her's best work.

You really cannot talk about compilations regarding Chelsea FC , with out talking about the almost legendary - Feroze. Feroze uses a mix of music (likable music by the way, that will be enjoyed by most) Commentating, and not overdone effects to bring his video to life. He has two channels on YouTube. - He no longer posts on this one to my knowledge, But its worth a solid look, as it has memorable moments and such from our double winning season. - His more recent works of art.

Here are some of his videos you should take a look at

Chelsea FC - Memories - By Feroze

A video looking at some of the most memorable goals over the years. Nice editing, and blends the commentary in with the music well.

Romelu Lukaku's First Visit to Stamford Bridge

Some may argue this was the video that put Feroze on the map, as it was put on Chelsea TV itself, and the official website! But anyways, This video is gold, A must watch.

Chelsea FC - 103 goals by Feroze Part 1 & 2

I think the title is self-explanatory. But it shows all 103 goals we scored in the prem da la prem, in the 09/10 season. With nice editing. A must watch if you have 20 minutes.

Only Juan Mata HD

A very nice video , With Mata and most of his early goals and assists. I love this one, because of the song, and it goes so well with Mata has done with us. The editing is top notch.

CHELSEA FC - A Blue Roller coaster Ride

If you don't cry after this video, Your heart is made of stone. This video is unanimously known for being so well done, it provokes emotions. :P It shows all the heartbreak and success we have had in club football's holy grail. From Anfield to Camp Nou, This video is done very well.

Well anyways, Now its your turn, explore more of Feroze's video. There are many that will rock your world, From Ivanovic to Torres, and back again, There is something in CFCzone/Feroze's videos, for everyone.

From Ayyam

Match Preview

Hello my fellow Chelsea F.C. fans,

Before I start my first match preview, I would like to acknowledge Ayyam for composing a site like this. It keeps everything more organized, and with effort, this blog might become notified. -Kudos to you Ayyam

On to business now.

Chelsea face a daunting challenge on Sunday, we face a second placed Manchester United. Although this match is crucial (not only for our Champions League place, but our reputation on the line), we can actually afford to lose this match and still be in fourth position (not comfortably, but in fourth position). Newcastle, if they win their match this weekend against an on-and-off formed Aston Villa; will be level on points, unless Newcastle pull out a 12-0 victory. I'm 100% sure, we will still be fourth at the end of this weekend.

Team news:

Manchester United: Vidic (Injured), Jones (Doubtful), Anderson (Doubtful), Lindegaard (injured), Fletcher (Virus infected, out)  David the amazing blindfolded keeper De Gea fit to play along with some small additions of, Rooney, Nani, Ashley Young, and Tom Cleverly, no biggie.

Chelsea: Terry out injured (knee), Ramires (knee) (Our most influential players were playing good, then they took an "arrow to the knee" get it?) Mikel (Hamstring), Frank Lampard (a maybe)

Manchester United are looking for their 5th consecutive Premier League victory in 2012 and are on some form. Scoring 10 goals in 4 games and conceding only 1 (Prem stats). The match on Sunday will be an extremely tough encounter. Their last game, they brushed off a lack luster Stoke City, racking up a 2-0 victory. In this game Manchester United sent out their Calvary in a 4-4-2/4-4-1-1 ish formation.

As we all know, Stoke, when threatened, like to defend deep. Which would leave space in Manchester United's midfield. Now, Scholes and Carrick aren't stupid. They took advantage of the loads of space they had in the middle and were allowed to dictate the game like if Hitler and Castro had twins, who didn't really look alike, but were still twins and played football...You get what I mean.

From this, Andre Villas Boas would need to send out a team full of energy, to constantly put pressure on Scholes and Carrick. Ramires is out Injured, and I don't think Romeu has enough stamina or speed to keep up (feel free to disagree). So my midfield selection would be Essein and Meireles. I'll explain my formation later.

Looking at this, many of you will say "Bench Meireles, he's been playing crap since we played QPR and is still playing crap, derp derp derp derp derp"

That's how I picture you when you make accusations like this.

Actually, Mr Mohawk has been quite instrumental to our Chelsea side. He's there to dictate the game, spread the balls to the wings, and to break up any sort of play in the midfield. He has skill, speed, an eye for goals, and stamina. Essein, his Ghanaian counterpart.

We got a glimpse of them both in the Swansea game for 25 minutes, and for that short amount of time, Mr. Mohawk significantly improved with his passing, and movement. Essein gave adequate coverage so that Raul could venture forward.

Before I stray away from my point I would like to point out the formation I would like to play against Manchester  United. Once again, feel free to disagree. It's a discussion.

I want us to line up in a 4-2-3-1 formation.

(Isn't it purdy? I did it by myself :) )

Reasons to choose this formation and the selection of players?

  • Anytime we send out a 4-3-3, we eventually switch to a 4-2-3-1 and we play better. Did that against Manchester United in the first fixture, and we played better. 
  • This allows Mata to be where he's most influential, behind the striker, Torres. 
  • I chose Malouda over Lampard because, if Lampard was chosen, that would mean Mata would have to go to the left, and I don't like that. Malouda can still deliver something (I hope). 
Subs: Hilario, Bosingwa, Hutchinson, Lukaku, Lampard, Piazon, Ferreria 

Lampard and Lukaku can enter the fray if things get sticky. 

That's about it with my first post. It's pretty much my opinion, so there's going to be a clash of heads. In your comment please rate this post and give some feedback if possible. That would be nice..

I'll leave you with some pointers: 

• Chelsea have lost as many times in their last seven league games at Stamford Bridge as they had in their previous 53 there (three)
• Manchester United have the best away record in the Premier League, accruing 26 points so far and conceding fewer goals than any other team on the road (seven)
• Should he secure a brace in this match, Frank Lampard will reach 150 Premier League goals
• Wayne Rooney has scored four goals in his last seven top-flight games against Chelsea and also scored in his last two visits to the club
Chelsea have not lost to Manchester United at Stamford Bridge in their last 9 meetings. Let's make it 10. 
Thanks for reading everyone.
Peace, love and respect.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Hello all, and welcome to the blog founded by the Chelsea Footytube Community. Basically this site will have it all - in regards to Chelsea Football Club! Anything from Match Reports, Match Previews, scout reports, and interesting and thought provoking posts on footytube. Our aim is to try and provide a fresh take on Chelsea blogging. We will have several users on the website doing their utmost to deliver this aim. So anyways, have fun and remember to Keep The Blue Flag Flying High at all times. :)

By Ayyam