Thursday, 9 February 2012

Chelsea Compilation makers to watch out for : 12super1

On this edition of my "Compilation Makers to Watch" I have a rather unexpected YouTube User. He is actually a regular on our beloved site, and rakes in a load of views per videos, give it up for 12Super1 also known as on footytube. Sham.

Sham is a regular poster on the Chelsea Chat and is an admin on this site as well. He always delivers quality links, and today I will be delivering some of his quality videos.

12Super1 uses in his video techno music, coupled with some of the key passes the player which his compilation is based on, completes, and goals, and much more.

His videos usually consists of Chelsea prospects in some key matches they play, whether it be for the reserves, the first team, or on international duty.

So sit back and watch some of my personal favorites. 

One of the first Piazon vids out, and boy was it great, raked in loads of views as well. Must watch.

He has made loads of Romeu videos, The first one is against Fulham, and the second one is from his Barca days. Both are also one of the first of their kind.

My Final video for you wonderful readers, is one of Davilla. Talked about alot but not seen much prior to moving to Chelsea. (Hmm, Like alot of 12super1's videos)

So there you have it, 12super1 and his YouTube videos, he has tonnes more. Check them him out here.


(If there is anyone you want me to review, or even if its yourself, let me know in the comments, or on my footytube profile.)

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