Sunday, 5 February 2012

Chelsea vs Man Utd Player Ratings

Cech - A very nice display from the man in the helmet, Made two fine saves, just before the half, which kept us in the game. Unfortunate he didn't save either two penalties, But to be fair, They shouldn't have been penalties in the first place. 7.5

Bosingwa - Was supposed to get skinned alive today by Valencia, but actually put on one of his best defensive displays this season, And was decent going forward, The lad still needs to work on his crossing. 7.0

Cahill - A very decent debut. He kept Utd's offense quiet for most of the game, despite clipping Welbeck in the first 10 minutes of the game. Other wise he looked solid with Luiz. 7.0

Luiz - Unfortunately he will probably be remembered for not marking Hernandez, But that was his only mistake in a flawless game from him. Amazing going forward, and a rock in defense, His passion was undeniable as usual. Amazing game from the center back, despite the costly error. 8.0

Ivanovic - His usual rock solid self. Contained Giggs and Evra for the most part, Nothing special going forward, But when you have a team like United built on wing play, We need a defensive fullback first and foremost. 7.0

Meireles - Improved vastly from the Swansea game, Had a very balanced game, and worked amazingly well with Essien. Still, his set-pieces are still horrendous, and he should have put us up with a fantastic opportunity. None the less was good in controlling the midfield, with Essien. He lost it as the game went on, and with the introduction of Scholes. 6.5 (I have been giving out too many 7s :P)

Essien - This is Essien we have all been yearning for a year now. You couldn't tell this lad was layed-off for half a year, and this was his first start this season. He controlled the midfield like a bison from the beginning till the end. If he keeps this up, He will surely be a starter.  8.5

Sturridge - Was always a threat, But still needs to be less selfish. Was constantly marauding Evra the whole game. Had a decent game, But I have seen him, and he could do better, Especially if Drogba was there. (He seems to not like Torres). He should have also not complained after getting subbed off. 7.0.

Mata - Amazing as always. The most creative player by a mile. Putting in some deadly balls, and never stopped running. Surely, he is a contender for Player of the Season. 9.0

Malouda - Anonymous going forward, But average tracking back. I barely saw him, that said, I prefer this Malouda to what we saw against Swansea, and was considerably less selfish. 6.0

Torres - His usual self, High work ethic, was one of the most selfless players on the team, and got a few goal scoring oppurtunites. Unfortunately he still lacks the strikers confidence, and was to hesitant shots wise. The man needs to man up, and start taking shots, I understand where he is coming from, confidence wise. 7.0

So there you have it, My player ratings, Maybe too optimistic, and alot of 7.0s, But it is how I saw the game :)

- Ayyam

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