Sunday, 19 February 2012

C'mon son

I would like to address some points that have been irking me with Chelsea footytubers. 

We seem to be forgetting the essence of patience. I know I might have been frustrated at times, but that's just me in the heat of the moment. When I do gain composure, I realize I need to be patient. Chanting for AvB's head, Torres' head, our midfielders' head isn't going to do anything but introduce negativity to the game. 


Instead of boo-ing, bashing; chant "you can do it" "Chin up!"

Another point I'd like to address, Jose Mourinho.

Please let's stop with this. This isn't being proactive at all..Just stop it for many reasons. Stop..

It's a period of change we're going through. A new manager that seems to be staying for a while, and so what if we don't get instant success? Isn't there more to football than instant success? 

Just keep the faith, make criticisms, but don't be excruciatingly harsh with them. 

AvB is doing what he can. Patience is a virtue.

Thanks for reading, 
peace, love and respect...

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