Saturday, 4 February 2012

Chelsea Compilation makers to watch out for : Feroze17

Ah, YouTube. One of the internet's more successful ventures and with YouTube comes flash, and with flash comes football, and with flashy football comes compilation.

Football videos over the years have garnered millions views, Whether its Ronaldo constantly doing step overs, or a video where Liverpool fans already get ahead of them selves and welcome the player to Anfield.

Whatever it maybe it is a solid way to kill time or judge what a player can do when they're on form and focused (Emphasis on the last four words). This brings me to the introduction of a new, and hopefully regular segment on our blog. In this segment, I review, and recommend certain compilation makers on YouTube, and share with you some of his/her's best work.

You really cannot talk about compilations regarding Chelsea FC , with out talking about the almost legendary - Feroze. Feroze uses a mix of music (likable music by the way, that will be enjoyed by most) Commentating, and not overdone effects to bring his video to life. He has two channels on YouTube. - He no longer posts on this one to my knowledge, But its worth a solid look, as it has memorable moments and such from our double winning season. - His more recent works of art.

Here are some of his videos you should take a look at

Chelsea FC - Memories - By Feroze

A video looking at some of the most memorable goals over the years. Nice editing, and blends the commentary in with the music well.

Romelu Lukaku's First Visit to Stamford Bridge

Some may argue this was the video that put Feroze on the map, as it was put on Chelsea TV itself, and the official website! But anyways, This video is gold, A must watch.

Chelsea FC - 103 goals by Feroze Part 1 & 2

I think the title is self-explanatory. But it shows all 103 goals we scored in the prem da la prem, in the 09/10 season. With nice editing. A must watch if you have 20 minutes.

Only Juan Mata HD

A very nice video , With Mata and most of his early goals and assists. I love this one, because of the song, and it goes so well with Mata has done with us. The editing is top notch.

CHELSEA FC - A Blue Roller coaster Ride

If you don't cry after this video, Your heart is made of stone. This video is unanimously known for being so well done, it provokes emotions. :P It shows all the heartbreak and success we have had in club football's holy grail. From Anfield to Camp Nou, This video is done very well.

Well anyways, Now its your turn, explore more of Feroze's video. There are many that will rock your world, From Ivanovic to Torres, and back again, There is something in CFCzone/Feroze's videos, for everyone.

From Ayyam

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