Monday, 6 February 2012

A little bit of positiveness after the game.

Greetings fellow Blues.

Anyone else suffering from a 3-3 hangover? I sure am.

This post isn't about our dramatic encounter with 12 man Manchester United. This is a post about Ivory Coast and their blistering form, more specifically, Drogba's blistering form.

Ivory Coast saw off Equatorial Guinea 3-0 with a Drogba brace Drogba's- I mean Ivory Coasts domination of Equatorial Guinea.

Looking at this link, doesn't it remind you of the Drogba from 2009-2010? The same guy who scored 27 goals for Chelsea? The unstoppable force? The Drogba?! It sure does to me. I hope he and the whole of Ivory Coast win the ACON, so he can transit some of him form into Chelsea.

Did anyone think that at 3-1 up yesterday, a Drogba introduction to the field would surely have finished them off?

If your answer is yes, then we should probably be friends..

Let's keep hope in Drogs and his way to ACON glory.

Thanks for reading.

Peace, love and respect. 


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